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The Core have teamed up with Shak Yoga to offer a host of classes in a new studio above The Core and, acting as agents, are taking bookings for classes.

Jill Hoon

Jill is a luscious, lively, warm & heart-felt yoga goddess. Blessed with a soft feminine essence, she has the natural ability to make anyone feel comfortable & relaxed in her presence.

During 2003 Jill relocated to America on a journey of adventure & self- discovery.

Jill’s love of yoga was awakened 15 yrs ago when she was introduced to the many different styles & traditions of yoga. During her stay with Yogi Hari at his Ashram in Florida she became deeply connected to this practice & chose the path of a Yoga Shiromani Teacher.

Jill recently returned to the UK, & on a quest to connect with her local yoga community and like-minded souls.

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