Where did it all begin?

The Core has one mission: to get Swindon healthy!  Our goal is to inspire and educate the people of Swindon about the benefits of juicing in order to improve their health.  If you put the right amount of balanced nutrients into your body so much starts to improve on the health front and the juice bar and juice programmes have been a huge part of how The Core has grown.

At The Core we are also committed to teaching groups, schools, organisations, companies, communities and families all about the healing power of fresh juices and raw foods and how you can improve your health with a few simple changes.

Our team

The Core Family is headed by Kris Talikowski and Chris Liston.  Kris has spent eight years working with Jason Vale, the world’s leading expert in juicing for health. Kris has personally built a huge amount of nutritional knowledge that has become the foundation of The Core.  He also speaks publicly and has even appeared on national TV shows talking about the benefits of juicing. Chris Liston knows personally the power of juicing when he lost 16lbs on a 7 day juice programme in 2011! Since then Chris has gained a huge amount of knowledge on the subject and inspires others with his own personal story.

The rest of The Core Family were hand picked and trained up to teach Swindon all about the amazing powers of natural foods and juices.  Each one of our staff has their own story to tell and a wealth of knowledge to impart, so make sure you ask them!

Health Made Simple

The Core has opened it’s first venue in Swindon and is proving that achieving superb health doesn’t need to be difficult.  Not only does The Core make amazing juices, smoothies and healthy food, but it runs workshops to teach people about why juicing is so important.  Making juice a part of your lifestyle is such a vital component of supreme health that the goal is to carry on until all of Swindon is healthy!  It really is health made simple.

We put all our energies into inspiring our customers to make simple changes to their diets, that will improve their health and vitality more than they ever thought possible. By consuming vibrant, fresh juices and raw foods on a regular basis, every cell in the body benefits from an instant boost of readily absorbed nutrients and vital plant enzymes.

Most of the foods we eat today are (sadly) over-processed and lacking in key vitamins and minerals. When we eat these ‘dead’ foods our bodies have to work hard to replace the missing nutrients. This puts a considerable strain on all the systems of the body, and depletes our stores of energy.

The easiest way to remedy this is to eat foods in the form that nature intended! Fresh juices and other raw foods, are literally ‘alive’ with nutrition, and consuming them on a regular basis makes you feel ‘alive’ too!