The Core Swindon

The Core Juice Bar is a beacon of health and nutrition in Swindon’s Old Town.

We serve delicious, fresh juices and smoothies that are made to order every time. All the ingredients are juiced and blended right in front of you, so you can be sure that the nutrient content is at its absolute peak for you to enjoy. For anyone not in the mood for juice, then we also have a wide variety of hot drinks, including: teas, herbal teas and freshly ground coffee.

In the chiller you’ll find a selection of healthy snacks, kale crisps, coconut water and raw chocolate kits. When the weather turns colder outside, we put warming soups and porridge on the menu, to keep you nice and toasty on the inside.

If you want to experience the full benefits of juicing, we specialise in ‘Juice Programmes’ whereby you can live on juice for any number of days (or weeks) that you choose. This gives your body a rest from digesting solid foods, and supplies each of your cells with optimum levels of vitamins and alkalinising minerals. For more details on our juice programmes, please click on the ‘programmes’ page.

Our aim at The Core is to nourish and nurture. Our juices and snacks provide ultimate nourishment for the body, and we hope that you will find that the relaxed, easy-going vibe in the bar also nurtures the soul.

We look forward to seeing you sometime soon, and sharing our passion for juicing with you!